Jacopo    Lancioni

Jacopo Lancioni, or Jaco (“iy • ar • koh”) as he is affectionately known, is a Sydney based art director with a discerning eye for visual detail and an incredible way of embedding emotive storytelling within his work.

Hailing from Rome, Italy, Jaco received his early education in graphic design at the renowned Istituto Europeo di Design, where he honed his skills and developed a strong foundation in graphic design.

Throughout his career, Jaco has continued to expand his expertise and add new skills to his creative arsenal. In addition to his strong background in graphic design, he has also developed a talent for photography and videography, allowing him to create powerful and impactful visual content for his clients. His ability to capture and create striking imagery has been a key factor in his success as an art director, and has helped him to establish a reputation for producing high-quality and visually striking work.

Passionate about events and parties, Jaco has channeled his creativity into various projects, including co-founding and serving as creative director of Conspiracy Music, within which he broadened his design skills to venture into fashion and experimental set and stage design.

In addition to his work in events, music, and fashion, Jaco has also established Chiodo Specs, an eyewear label that is committed to ethical production practices and sustainable design.

By prioritizing these values, Jaco has been able to create a brand that is not only fashionable and functional, but also socially and environmentally responsible.

Over the years, Jaco has built a strong portfolio of work through his involvement in the fashion industry.

Begining with his role at Australian men's fashion label Zanerobe, Jaco developed his skills from photography to videography as he executed on the brands seasonal campaigns.

This experience, along with his talent and dedication, led to opportunities to art direct campaigns for a number of notable fashion labels, including Rollas, Sass and Bide, Barney cools, and Monster Children.

Jaco's latest series of portraiture showcases his extraordinary ability to not only masterfully manipulate light, but also to imbue his images with a level of storytelling and narrative depth that elevates them beyond their editorial contexts. These works reveal a deep connection between Jaco and his subjects, showcasing his talent for creating powerful and evocative visual storytelling.

Jaco's creative work encompasses a wide range of mediums, including 35mm still photography, 8mm film, and VHS and beta cam footage.

These diverse techniques allow him to capture timeless, nostalgicically-tinged imagery that brings an impression of familiarity through connection and evokes a sense of authentic beauty in wonder.

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