We were recently honoured to sit down with the members of Eagle Eye Jones and explore the journey behind their latest release, "New Growth."

During our conversation, we delved into the painstaking three-year process of writing the song, producing the album, and creating the music video.

Check out this video edition of side view below.

The team behind this production exemplifies the close-knit relationships fostered by Eagle Eye Jones. Their passion for music spills over into their work on film, with Jamin as producer, Toby playing himself, and Jason as both a grip and behind-the-scenes photographer.

They dived headfirst into every aspect of the production, unafraid to get their hands dirty in pursuit of their craft. When unpacking this and the process with Toby, he reflected that he finds a natural translation between on-camera performances and being on stage, relishing the opportunity to meticulously cultivate his characters in the same way that he would craft a song.

Toby thoroughly enjoys immersing himself in the creative process of embodying a character, and he possesses an innate ability to gauge the effectiveness of his performances. According to Lev, this made directing him a seamless and enjoyable experience. Toby consistently delivered and was self aware enough to know if when he didn't, "I wouldn't have to tell him, I would call cut and Toby would tell me, that wasn't it... I need to do it again..".

In dissecting the music video, you can see there was just as much attention placed into the visual narrative as there was into the song lyrics.

Having had the opportunity to preview "New Growth" ahead of its release, we were left with an indescribable sense of creative elation, hungering to see more. The preview felt like a trailer for a soul-stirring film, resonating deeply within us.

Lev's ability to create the video's epic and striking visuals, juxtaposed against brutal art haus nightmare
scenes, take you on an emotional roller coaster ride through ones battles with mental health and navigating pain. All to be released at a climactic crescendo of powerful visuals and melodic beauty.

You are left feeling utterly transported, not only from the musicality but the interdisciplinary talent of Eagle Eye Jones.

It is really remarkable how something that began as a personal journey of self-improvement could manifest into such a powerful work of art.

"New Growth" represents just the beginning of Eagle Eye Jones' creative genius and serves as a fitting centerpiece for their upcoming album.

It's good music made by good people. Be sure to get around it.

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Music Video Credits

Director - Lev Jutsen, Producers - Jamin Lee Bennett and Lev Jutsen, Director of Photography - Roger Stonehouse, Production Design - Connor Garratt and Joshua Grace, Creative direction - Joshua Grace, Editors - Lev Jutsen and Jamin Lee Bennett, Colourist - Marcus Friedlander, Line producer - Luke Saunders, HMU - Clara Lowe, 1st AC - Willow Driver, Gaffer - Justin McClean, Grip - Jason Styles, Catering - Sophie Jones, Set construction - Dylan Goodearl

Toby Jones - Himself Meeting Leader - Helen Jutsen Meeting Participants - Mahalia Celeste, Sophie Jones, Georgia Fugar, Sam Mackay, Iggy Wong, Victor Shergill, Cindy Jeong, Jack Garzonio, Lachie Pringle

Ash Holmes & Jake Elliot - Hake House, Felix Bodewes Leach, Eliza, John, and Ruth Fugar

Tyler Bell, Stephen Bennett, Bruce and Sue Saunders, Cat Burgess, Maggie James, Amanda Grace, Shane Parsons, Lachie Beatie, Jack Stephens, Paper Moose, Banquet

           EAGLE                                  EYE                                                         JONES