Britt   Murphy

Nestled in the cradle of the Barkindji & Ngemba country, where the sun gently kisses the dry earth, the Baaka (Darling) River gently whispers through the arid plains of outback Australia,

As this great river begins its journey to sea, so does Britt Murphy's artistic journey begins to flow in a convergence of cinematic nostalgia and beautiful rural landscapes.

Born and raised in the quaint regional town of Bourke, Britt's childhood is colour cast in hues of pink from her family owned and operated motel, and Ochre of the sun kissed vistas that surrounded their oasis.

Britt has a way with words not just images; she paints vivid portraits of her youth, recalling the relentless heat, the environmental trials of the Millennium Drought, and the tumultuous floods that shaped her world. In this harsh yet enchanting realm, her fondest memories emerge—time suspended by the river, fashion magazines fluttering in the breeze by the motel pool, warm nights cradled under moonlight, and the freedom of self-discovery and womanhood against the canvas of a remote outback Australia.

Britt's love affair with the camera, began with the humble iPhone, an unassuming oracle that unlocked the world of images. Transitioning into her twenties, she began to play with a digital camera, experimenting with images of her sisters and friends, capturing the essence of kinship and friendship. Fate led her into the bustling world of newspapers, a turning point that propelled her into the realms of visual storytelling.

The palette of her preference leans towards the ethereal; film, especially medium format and 35mm, becomes the canvas for her artistry. Britt speaks of the dance between photographer and film, a tactile and intimate choreography that births trust—a silent covenant between subject, team, and the enchantress behind the lens.

Reflecting on her creative genesis, Britt confesses to an innate creativity that found its sanctuary in the photographic realm. Yet, she humbly admits to the ongoing alchemy of skill refinement—a dance with shadows and light, an obsession to transcend her own standards.

Attempting to encapsulate her style becomes a poetic riddle. Words like 'gentle' and 'quiet' hover delicately, reluctant to define the fluidity of her visual symphony. Britt draws inspiration from the wellsprings of her womanhood, her Outback beginnings, the dance of light, memories entwined with friendship, and a melange of art forms—stories, movies, music, and the fabric of clothing.

In the crucible of time, Britt's work has matured, refined through each photoshoot, each frame, crystallizing clarity for the journey ahead. The whispering winds of self-doubt, the undulating waves of anxiety—these are the tempests Britt navigates as a freelance creative, an artist crafting her opus amidst the chaos.

Her creative process is an intimate ritual. With a cup of coffee as her companion, she orchestrates inspiration-gathering days, surrounded by print magazines and photo books. These moments become a kaleidoscope, a mosaic of ideas collated into concepts, slowly unraveling the tapestry of her vision. A walk during the golden hour, bathed in the alchemy of light, becomes a pilgrimage for the wandering artist.

In an age where lenses are as commonplace as breath, Britt embraces the proliferation of storytelling as a symphony of voices, unfazed by the chorus. Her focus, she confides, remains a pilgrimage of personal growth, a sojourn into the depths of her craft, heedless of the cacophony around her.

Entering the creative flow is a poetic dance for Britt—a return to the wellspring of inspiration, a playful embrace of simplicity. In moments of creative impasse, she reaches for her humble Canon Ae-1, a pocket-sized oracle that guides her through stripped-back walks, capturing the world's poetry in its simplest form.

A hiatus is a step away from the rhythm of routine, a respite to pivot, to breathe, to recalibrate the senses.

Britt Murphy

A perfect day, as painted by Britt, is a poem itself—an awakening in nature to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the quiet communion with a book or a pen, a dip in crystalline waters, an afternoon siesta, libations with kindred spirits as the sun dips below the horizon, and the crescendo of live music echoing through the night.

As we step through the threshold of the future, Britt remains an artist in the making, a continuous melody of learning, exploration, and inspiration. While she holds the future close to her heart, there are no explicit projects or exhibitions on the immediate horizon. Instead, there's a lingering sense of possibility—a book to be birthed, stories to be told, and the symphony of images to be painted on the canvas of time.

In parting, Britt contemplates the impact of her work, acknowledging that while her lens may not change the world in conventional measures, the beauty captured in her frames served as a lifeline in her formative years. As she dreams and captures beauty, she recognizes that sometimes, in the quiet corners of inspiration, a lifeline is all one needs.

The poetic narrative of Britt Murphy unfolds, an unwritten verse on the tapestry of time, each frame a brushstroke, each image a testament to the dance between light and shadow—an ode to the artist, the dreamer, the weaver of visual tales.

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